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Prenton Road East

Prenton Road East, Prenton

The building was originally a Victorian semi-detached Villa constructed in approximately 1840.  The property was structurally unsound as it had been poorly developed by the previous owner, as a result the building suffered from several structural weaknesses around apertures that had been created to accommodate new windows and doors as well as changing the layout of the building.

The resulting structural defects meant that the gable and rear elevations had moved considerably and needed to be secured and micro piled to ensure that the building didn’t collapse. The roof had approximately 20% missing and as a result had serious water ingress and a vermin infestation within the roof space and upper floors of the building.

The building was pebble dashed to the side and rear which didn’t keep with the aesthetic the client required and was used to hide all the adaptions the building had gone through over the years.


We removed the render, repaired the brickwork and even had the brick colour matched so we could include the detailed courses of the original building that were missing. We then proceeded to have the building sand blasted to complete the look and make it match the front elevation. 

Works included: