Supply Chain

ARPG Construction is meticulous in their selection of subcontractors. Our supply chain database includes subcontractors from all trades in the industry, some of whom have worked with us on numerous occasions over the years.

Our internal policies ensure that the best subcontractors are chosen for each project, taking into account past experience, safety records, geographic location, insurances, and applicable accreditations. 

Utilizing our supply chain in a competitive market not only ensures maximum cost certainty and value for money, it also gives both the customer and the contractor complete confidence that health and safety, programming, and overall relationships will not be jeopardised. 

Many of our supply chain partners with us on a one-to-one basis, where early intervention assists in the resolution of any design issues or problems, as well as early value engineering opportunities and resolutions, in order to provide the client with the most competitive and cost-effective bid. 

Subcontractors interested in working with ARPG Construction should fill out our PQQ, which will be checked and, if suitable, added to our supply chain database.

Work With Us

Download the Contractor PQQ form below.

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